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60th Birthday Invitation Template

Birthday is an important day for every person because it is time to welcome a new year in your life and to say goodbye to an old one. It is great day therefore everyone wishes to celebrate it with his/her friends and family members and this can be more special event in case of 50th mean “Gold” birthday. 50th birthday party is organized to celebrate the milestone birthday so everything should be really special. After planning a birthday party, you have to prepare a list of guests and design a unique 50th birthday invitation in order to invite all guests to your party. It is not difficult to design a unique birthday invitation for 50th birthday party because there are lots of ideas to give a personalized touch to your birthday invitation. Your invitation will set the tone, theme and other important parts of your birthday party. Your 60th birthday invitation should convey all important details to your guests.

Tips to Design 50th Birthday Invitation

Designing and wording of your 60th birthday invitation matters a lot therefore I am going to share some tips to design 50th birthday invitation:60th Birthday Invitation Template

  • Your invitation should contain complete information for the convenience of the guests. It is necessary to select right wording considering the nature of birthday person. Do not use touchy words until you get confirmed that the birthday person will take it as humor.
  • Compose front line for your invitation to announce what invitation is for such as name of person with age or “Guess who is turning 50”. You can write a unique line in order to honor birthday guy and facilitate guests.
  • Elaborate cause of the party using some quotations, short verse poem or saying. You can write as, “You are cordially invited to the Jimmy John’s surprise 60th birthday party” or “Please join us in the celebration of 60th birthday of my granny”.
  • It is necessary to list details about who, what, when and where for the convenience of your guests. Write first and last name of celebrant and write that it is his/her 60th birthday. Write date, time and address of party venue.
  • Do not forget to write full address, name of public location or even a map for difficult to drive to places. Add name of contact person for RSVP or regrets. Include phone number and possible email address of this person. It will help you to plan your birthday party without incurring too much expense.

Common Mistakes in 60th Birthday Invitation

  • People ignore the importance of RSVP and in absence of RSVP details they fail to get response or regret from their potential guests.
  • Send invitations prior enough time otherwise invitation card will not be delivered to your guests on right time and they remain unable to attend birthday party.
  • Pay postage carefully after counting number and taking weight of invitations so that these can deliver to your guests on right time despite of returning to your own address.

Here is download link for this 60th Birthday Invitation Template,


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