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Baptism Invitation Template

Baptism is one of the most important events in the life of newborn baby. It is something that is necessary to share with all and it is right time to introduce your baby with your friends any family members. Baptism is sacred event and it is honored with the involvement of all family members and friends. Baptism invitation is a way to invite your friends and family members to this event. You have to pay special attention on the designing and wording of baptism should reflect your joy, pride, solemnity and reverence of the occasion. It is necessary to design and deliver the baptism invitations considering the basic etiquette of this event. You have to consider timing, reception and guests while organizing a baptism party. Today I will share some etiquette to be considered while designing and delivering baptism invitations.

Etiquette of Baptism Invitation

Baptism InviteBaptism is an important and sacred event for Christian community therefore it is necessary to consider some etiquette of baptism invitation:

  • It is necessary to design and send the baptism invitation after the birth of baby because baptism ceremony is supposed to be held as early as possible. It is great time in the life of parents and new born baby because child is given an official name in a church so try to send your invitation almost one month after the birth.
  • Baptism invitations can be sent within six month after the birth of baby because sometimes due to some health issues of mother or child, it looks hard to arrange ceremony after one month. By considering your all family problems you can organize a baptism ceremony within six months of the birth of the baby.
  • Clearly describe the nature of your party such as if there is any kind of reception then provide directions clearly that the both baptism and reception will be held.
  • Do not try to print your directions on the baptism invitations because invitations are completely used for different purposes. You can use a separate blank paper in order to print your directions and attach it with your invitation.
  • Prepare a small map for the guidance of your guests. Mark all important places and attach it with baptism invitation because it will help the people from other areas to find their place easily.
  • Since baptism ceremony is a religious and sacred ceremony so try to invite close friends and family members only. If you want to cut your expense and cannot afford too many people in your party then use the rule of thumb. You can invite instrumental family and friends only such as grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles of the baby.
  • It is good to check your reservations with church and then invite people according to available reservations. It will save your time as well as extra expense.

Common Mistakes with Baptism Invitation

  • Insufficient postage is a biggest problem because due to this your baptism invitations will return to your own place instead of delivering to guests.
  • Always take printout after proofreading the contents of invitations because even a single error can spoil your all efforts.

Here is download link of this Baptism Invitation Template,


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