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Bowling Invitation Template

Bowling parties provide great fun to friends and family members. These are active parties because during party the guests get some exercise. Bowling party is a best option for children, teens and adults. If you want to throw a bowling party then in first step you have to design bowling party invitations to invite your required persons to the party. You have to use proper words for your bowling invitations because it is important to persuade your guests. Different birthday and tea parties contain bowling activities and in such types of parties bowling invitations are frequently used to invite your guests. It is good to select a theme for your party and prepare a guest list as it will help you to deal with other planning issues. You can easily select words and design for bowling invitations considering the age and nature of your guests, for instance, you can add some jokes to the bowling invitations if the party is for kids.

Here is preview of this simple yet professional looking Bowling Invitation Template created using MS Word 2010,
Bowling Invitation Template

Instructions to Design Bowling Invitations

In order to facilitate you, I am going to share some instructions to design bowling invitations:

  • It is necessary to design bowling invitations larger enough to devote accurate space to text and to photos. This will help you to add as much details as you want. If you are writing your invitations with your own hands then avoid overworking.
  • Open a computer word processor program or take a sheet of paper to draw a rough invitation. This will reduce the chances of errors in the design of bowling invitations.
  • Carefully write all standard details like time, date, locate and RSVP date and the name of person for whom the party is being organized. It is smart move to ask your guests to arrive at lease 15 minutes prior so that they can get ample time to access the party venue.
  • Crete a bowling based puns to insert into your invitation as you please. You can write different lines such as, “We will spare no expense to give you a good time”, “Please strike the date on your calendar” or “RSVP on time” etc. Avoid including more than two instances of puns or the invitation will be a bit too corny.
  • Cross check your wordings by reading the invitations loud and get the assistance of your friends to proofread the bowling invitations. It will help you to rectify all errors on time.

Homemade Bowling Invitations

Homemade bowling party invitations can be inexpensive and easy to make. You can add unique charming touches to these invitations. If you have artistic skills then you can design bowling balls or pins on the front of your invitations. You can also consider clipart printing to reduce your efforts. You can use different color stamps, glitters and other images to decorate your homemade bowling invitations and after completing your designing let the invitation cards to dry before adding any kind of important details related to your party including party date, time, venue and RSVP details.

Here is download link for this Bowling Invitation Template,


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