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Card Invitation Template

Card invitation is an important part of your party planning because without sending invitations you cannot inform your guest about your party. A well designed invitation card is a best way to covey important details of party to invited people. You can use printed card invitations that are available on online and local stores. If you want something unique then you can design your card invitation with your own skills. There are lots of card invitation templates available that will help you a lot in order to design a unique invitation card. Lots of user friendly designing programs are available so you can choose one to design a perfect card invitation. It will save your both time as well as cost and let you to design a personalized card invitation. You can easily design your own card with the help of MS Word by following some easy instructions.

Tips to Design Card Invitation

If you really want to design a unique card invitation for you then it is necessary to consider some given below points in order to make your card perfect:Card Invitation Template

  • In first step, you have to decide the size of your invitation card considering your mailing options. It is good to choose standard card size (3 x 5 inches). You can also make a splash with an oversize card (5.5 by 8.5 inches) that will cost a bit more to you while mailing.
  • Design your card to be at least 0.5 inches smaller on all four sized than the envelope you have purchased. It will make your mailing process easy so do not ignore this point.
  • Pick an appropriate image for your invitation card from photos or drawing options. You can also purchase art CD to choose excellent photos for the great representation of your event. Choose appropriate photo according to your event, for example for birthday invitation card you can choose birthday cake or balloons.
  • Open a word processing document and set the measurements of your page according to your desires. It will be good to open an 8.5 by 11 inch document and draw two boundary boxes across the upper and lower halves of the page to design two invitations per sheet.
  • Import your graphic images with the use of menu command and adjust the image on the screen within the adjusted boundaries. Drag the text box over or beside the image and write pertinent information such as title of party, date, time, reason of party, dress code and RSVP.
  • Try different configurations before selecting final layout and place the image left or right of the text in order to highlight all contents and images of card invitation. You can use different stylish font styles but be careful about their readability.
  • Analyze your card invitation through print preview before taking final printout of your invitation so that you can make necessary adjustments if required.

Common Mistakes with Card Invitations

  • Lack of proofreading is a common problem because lots of people ignore its importance and as a result they convey wrong details to their guests.
  • It is necessary to send invitation before sufficient time in order to make sure arrival of all guests.

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