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Diaper Invitation Template

Diaper invitations are frequently used to invite your guests on baby shower. These are great alternate of traditional invitations and can easily explain about the nature and theme of party to your guests. Throwing a baby shower require lots of attention because it is usually organized to greet new parents and to say welcome to newborn with your warm wishes and prayers.  Diaper themed baby shower party offers lots of fun as you can use diapers in the decorations, games, centerpieces and invitations. It is necessary to design diaper invitation carefully with right words to make the nature of celebration clear. Your invitation should persuade your guests to must join your party by highlighting important features of your party. You can ask your guests to bring diaper on the invitation card if you want to arrange some diaper games. It is really easy and funny to use diaper shaped invitations to invite your guests on baby shower party.

On the right hand side you can see a preview of this free Diaper Invitation Template created using Microsoft Word,

Diaper Invitation Template

Instructions to Design Diaper Invitations

Your diaper invitation should be well designed to convince your guests to join you in your party so try to follow given below instructions to design your diaper invitation:

  • Greet your guests and openly welcome them to join you in your party. You can use encouraging words such as “please come or join us to be part of our celebrations. You can use wordplay, puns and short cute verses to greet your guests.
  • If you cannot write such sentences accurately then instead of giving wrong impression to your guests skip them you can simple write to your guests. You can write that you are invited to the baby shower party. It is unique and specific sentence to invite your guests and family members.
  • Your diaper invitation should be simple and straight forward but use proper words for you. Do not write that we need lots of diapers on the party, instead of it you can write, “Bless the father-to-be or mother-to-be with a diaper party.” You can also write, “Its all about diapers for the baby and party for the mother-to-be or the father-to-be”.
  • Add any important information that you feel that your guests should know it such as nature of the party either it is only for men or for women, theme of the party and mood of the party.
  • Start the diaper invitation with the name of mother and father. Follow it with other details such as day, date time and the location of the party. It is good to include brief directions and separate map to show the directions of your party area. It will help any new person to easily reach to your selected venue.
  • Write RSVP details such as name of the person, contact number and email address and ask your guests for RSVP. It will help you to get the response of your party on right time and it will cut your cost of party planning.
  • Finish your diaper invitation with brief recommendations about the gifts. If the gifts should be diaper then write features of diaper like type of cloth, disposable or both.

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