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Graduation Invitation Template

Graduation is an important event for a college or university as it is a commemorative event and cause for celebration. Different guests from both students and teachers side are encouraged to attend the graduation ceremony through different invitations. Usually parents are provided with announcement style invitation to let the family and friends know about the graduation ceremony. Graduation announcements should be straight and focused related to the activities of graduation ceremony. Special invitations are also designed to invite special guests such as teachers, scholars, political leaders to graduation ceremony. It is easy to design both types of invitations for parents and chief guests. You can design it personally without the help of any designer with the use of MS Word that is user friendly software.

Tips to Write Graduation Invitation

Graduation InvitationIt is necessary to be careful about the selection of words you will use to invite your guests in graduation ceremony. Today I will share some ideas with you in order to write graduation invitation:

  • In first step, you have to write sentence that clearly indicates who is the sender of invitation, nature of even that will take place, date and time of event and whose achievement is being celebrated. For instance you can write as, “Marshall and Smith Johns are pleased to announce the graduation of their son, Michal Johns from the Harvard University at noon on 15th October 2012”
  • Write the details of venue where the graduation ceremony will take place. Write the street address and location in detail for the convenience of attendee. You can write as, “Commencement exercise will be held at Bright Moon Hotel, 55 South Central Street, San Francisco”.
  • Write all additional details about graduation ceremony and details of activities going to be performed in graduation ceremony such as write details of nearby parking lots, invitation to reception at someone’s location or a casual invitation to a local bar for celebratory beverages.
  • You can write this statement as, “A reception to immediately follow at the Jones family home, 4523 Britney Lane, Love Street, San Francisco”.
  • Write complete details of RSVP for the convenience of guests so that they can respond to your invitation and you can make your arrangements according to their response. If you want a general calculation about number of attendees then make some extra reservations in order to avoid any problem or embarrassment.
  • Properly address your graduation invitation so that the invitation can be delivered to right person on right time.

Common Mistakes in Graduation Invitations

  • Some people ignore the importance of RSVP details and as a result they have to spend extra amount in their preparations even for those guests who cannot attend your ceremony.
  • Wrong information can cause lots of conflicts and this can only be happed due to no proofreading. Do not forget to proofread your final draft of graduation invitation in order to covey right details to your guests.
  • Send this invitation prior one month otherwise your guests will not be able to attend you.

Graduation Invitation Template

Are you looking for a good quality Graduation Invitation Template that can help you in creating attractive invitations? Just follow the link below,

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