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Open House Invitation Template

Open house events are organized for several different reasons such as to open a new business, to promote a business for holiday season or to start a child care center etc. You can also organize an open house event in order to celebrate the happiness of your new house. If you are planning to organize an open house party for any reason then in first step you have to plan your party and prepare a guest list. After this, you are liable to design an open house invitation. If you want to save your money then it is good to design your own card because purchasing predesigned invitations can be costly for you. It is necessary to design a perfect invitation containing all details of your party and with the help of MS Publisher or MS Word, you can easily do it. Your party planning and organization will start with open house invitation so start its designing on first preference.

Here is preview of our selected Open House Invitation Template created by LayoutReady.com,

Open House Invitation Template

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Instructions to Design Open House Invitation

In order to make your designing experience good, I am going to share some useful instructions to design open house invitation:

Important Part Details

  • In first step, it is necessary to write complete party details for the convenience of guests because an incomplete open house invitation cannot attain the attention of your guests.
  • Think about who, what, when and where in order to put comprehensive details on your party invitation. For instance, you are inviting Rose Marry (who) to your open house party (what), which takes place on November 15 from 5 p.m. to 12 p.m. (when), at 165 Moon Lane (where).
  • In order to help your guests with accurate directions of party location you have to include map with open house party invitation and highlight all those places that directly goes to your venue.

Layout of Your Invitation

  • Layout is the organization of the information on one place in beautiful manner. You can center whole text and provide all information in a solid, block paragraph.
  • You can also write few sentences at the top of invitation and can divide rest of the information into two columns. The left hand column will contain who, what, when and where while the right column will give the answers of all these questions.
  • Variety of free invitation layouts and templates are available in Microsoft office so you can download them to get an idea about the layout of open house invitation.

Aesthetics and Language

  • Sometimes your tone gets more important than your words so match your tone with the nature of your party. For example, if you want loose and relaxed atmosphere in your open house party then avoid formal language.
  • Match your tone with the appearance of your invitation such as use of colored paper and playful fonts indicate that the party is informal and casual. Do not overdo it in order to maintain theme and mood of your party. Do not use hard to read fonts because these can decrease the importance of your message.

Here is download link for the Open House Invitation Template shown above,

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