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Party Invitations

Pool Party Invitation Template

Pool parties are organized in the hot summer days of the year to enjoy with your friends and loved ones. It is time to have fun with the around your pool and if you want to invite some lovely people in this summer season to enjoy pool party with you then you have to design pool party invitations. Pool party invitations will help your guests to know about the theme and the nature of your party. It is very easy to create funny and playful invitations for your guests using some unique and creative tools. These are inexpensive too because using printed cards and professional designer services can be burden on your budget. You can use beach balls to design your invitations that really cheap choices for you. Wordings, images and style all are important for the pool part invitation so you have to be careful while writing your invitations and it is good to consider the nature of your guests to avoid any conflict of confusion. Here is an attractive Pool Party Invitation Template,

Pool Party Invitation Template

Tips to Design Pool Party Invitations

Following are some tips that will surely help you to design create and unique pool party invitations to persuade your lovely friend and family members to join you in your party:

  • Buy beach balls and lay them flat without blowing the up. Beach balls are creative options to design your pool party invitations.
  • Choose dark colored permanent markers according to the color f your beach balls and write the title of your event. You can write as, “We are going to have a ball! We hop you will join us”.
  • Add other details of pool party including date, time and location of your party for your guests and include all special instructions such as guests will bring their own swimsuits and towels etc.
  • Fold the beach balls back up and pack in the medium sized envelope. Take envelop to the post office and weight carefully for postage because small additional weight and bulk can require few more pennies. You can save your mailing cost by personally delivering each envelop to your guests.
  • It will be a fun for you guests to blow up the ball and read the details of your party. They will surely like to join you in your pool party.
  • Choose words for your pool party carefully so that guests will come to know about the nature of pool party. For instance, you can write “Let’s make a big splash”, “Cool or with dip in the pool” or “Join us to eliminate the warmth of the weather” etc.
  • If you are throwing the pool party for a specific reason such as to celebrate birthday or anniversary etc. then clearly state the reason as it will help the guests to select a right gift for you.
  • Include a map with your party invitation for the convenience of new persons so that they can easily follow the direction to your venue.
  • Write complete name of host with RSVP details as well as date so that your guests can contact you in order to share their response or regret.
  • Clearly list all items that you want your guests to bring such as sunscreen, towel, swimsuits etc.

Here is download link for the above mentioned Pool Party Invitation Template,

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