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Seminar Invitation Template

Seminars are important part of your business in order to collaborate with other business organizations and industries to get useful information. Business owners often stage seminars to bolster business because you can access different speakers and advisers through your seminar. Quality of the seminar depends on the number of people attend your seminar. After organizing seminar, you have to design seminar invitations with complete details of seminar to invite some personal and professional guests. You have to outline essential seminar information for the convenience of your guests. Invitation will build your first impression so pay special attention on its designing. Your seminar invitation should contain the answers to who, what, when, why and where. Your seminar invitation should contain compelling information to invite guests.

Instruction to Design Seminar Invitation

Seminar invitations should be designed accurately and for your convenience I am going to share some instructions to design seminar invitation:Seminar Invitation Template

  • Start your invitation with clear and crisp design with no more than four colors and plenty of white space for easy printing. Do not overload your seminar invitation with visual aids. You can choose a business invitation design template available in the word processing program to take help in designing.
  • You can type title of your seminar at the top center of seminar invitation in 14 or 16 point font. Apply boldface, italics or underline effects to the seminar title to highlight it.
  • Now it is time to write essential seminar information on the main portion of the invitation. You have to write date, time, location and registration avenues such as online, mail or telephone. Mention registration fee if applies.
  • Provide an overview of seminar topics for the convenience of reader. Make subheading in an italic 10-point font for seminar topics. Give a bulleted list of those topics that are covered in seminar.
  • State the topics in the pithiest and engaging way, for instance, “Multiplying Your Patrons with Social Networking Techniques” is more appropriate as compare to “A Debate of Social Networking Website That Can Augment Your Clientele”.
  • Briefly outline the biographies of speakers such as write current title of speaker, name of company, list of publications and any achievements. Include a small headshot of speakers if space permits.
  • Highlight selling points of your seminar and create top ten points as subheadings. Make a bullet list of how the information will be presented. Mention different items like PowerPoint presentations, questions and answer sessions, round table or panel discussion, brown bag lunches, software demonstration or free information packets.
  • Write testimonials and write your personal experience from your past attendees. You can write two to five quotations of positive feedback you have received during previous conference. Reference each name with business name and title.
  • Clearly write added incentives for attendance such as free gifts that are available for early registrants. Write rarity of the seminar if it occurs only few times a year or less. It will help you to get maximum response from the potential guests.

Here is download link for this Seminar Invitation Template created using Microsoft Word,

Download template


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