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Wedding Shower Invitation Template

It is really an exciting event to celebrate a wedding ceremony and in order to celebrate this event a wedding shower is organized. Wedding shower is a better way to celebrate your own or your friend’s wedding. Preparations of your wedding shower starts with party planning and after that you have to prepare a list of your guests to send them wedding shower invitations. You can take services of your local printing press in order to design your wedding shower invitation. If you want something unique then you can design your own wedding shower invitation with the help of wedding shower invitation template. It is creative way to invite your guests to your wedding shower without spending maximum amount on invitations. Your wedding shower invitation can be formal or informal depending on the theme of your wedding shower.

Here is preview of a good looking Wedding Shower Invitation Template created using Microsoft Publisher,

Wedding Shower Invitation Template

Ideas to Write Wedding Shower Invitation

It is necessary to choose right wordings and for your help following are some useful ideas to write wedding shower invitation:

  • If you want to choose right words then it is good to brainstorm different ideas and put them on a paper to select exact words reflecting theme and mood of your party. You can discuss with your close friends in order to get maximum creative ideas.
  • Jot down all details that you want to share with your guests related to your wedding shower. Share details of theme, dress code, venue address, contact details, date of party and time of wedding shower. Choose color similar to your theme in order to design your wedding shower invitation.
  • Use different font styles, colors and sizes in order to highlight your text. It will add unique beauty in your wedding card and let the reader to read your shower invitation easily.
  • Avoid lengthy sentences and too many words because it will overcrowd your wedding shower invitation. Use almost 6 to 10 sentences. Highlight important information because lots of people try to read highlights at first glance.
  • Make sure to write the name of bride-to-be and groom-to-be because this is the person to whom you are going to organize this shower. Print her name in large and embossed font to highlight it by using different color and style.
  • Do not forget to include RSVP details such as contact numbers and email addresses so that guests can inform you about their availability at your function. It will reduce your party budget because you have to arrange shower for fixed number of people.
  • Make sure to insert the map inside the wedding shower invitation so that new people in town can easily access venue. Make the map easy to understand by highlighting important places of required area.
  • Get professional printing services in order to give a professional look to your wedding shower invitations. It will persuade your guests to have good ideas about your party planning and other arrangements.

Common Problems in Wedding Shower Invitation

  • Some people forget to include name of bride and groom and it is a major mistake because these names are necessary to include in your wedding shower invitation.
  • Do not forget to include map to easily understand the venue address otherwise your guests will not be able to attend your party.

Here is download link for this Wedding Shower Invitation Template,


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