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Invitation Guidelines

Wedding Invitation Template

Wedding is a very special day therefore bride and groom always like to celebrate this day with their friends and family members. In order to invite your special guests on wedding, it is necessary to design a unique wedding invitation. You can use some special words in order to express your feelings on this special event and how important your guests are for you. Although predesigned wedding invitations are available but if you want to give a personalized touch to your wedding invitation then design it with your own hand using any designing tool. Designing of your wedding invitation depends on the variety of factors such as etiquettes and theme of wedding. You can design a unique wedding invitation by considering theme of wedding and culture of your area.

Tips to Design Wedding Invitation

Wedding InvitationIt is necessary to prepare wedding invitations at least six weeks before the ceremony in order to give plenty of time to your guests about necessary arrangements. For your convenience, today I will share some important tips to design wedding invitations:

  • In first step, you have to decide who will announce the wedding either the parents of couple or bride and groom themselves.
  • Decide the nature and type of your invitation either formal or informal. You can start your invitations with formal words such as “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith request the honor of your presence”. You can also use some casual words such as “Please join us”.
  • You can use general term such as “the honor of your presence” if your venue is place of worship. If you want less formal statement then you can write “the pleasure of your owner”.
  • If you want traditional format for your wedding invitation then list the name of bride after the name of parents and follow the name of bride with full name of groom. For instance, “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Wendy Smith with Jacob Williams the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams”.
  • Write the date, day and year after the names of bride, grooms and their parents. Mention the time of ceremony for the convenience of guests. Do not forget to write the location and full address with map (if possible). You can enclose a separate map, a stamp and a self addressed reply card.

Common Mistakes of Invitation Cards

  • First and foremost mistake with invitation cards is insufficient postage therefore the cards returned to bride and groom. In order to avoid this, visit the nearest post office and pay the postage according to the weight of invitation cards.
  • Shortage of invitations and envelops is another mistake that can annoy your close friends and family members. It is necessary to always order extra wedding invitations in order to invite all important people.
  • Mistake in contents is biggest mistake that can spoil your all efforts. For instance, if you have made error in the date or venue of the wedding then your guests cannot come to your wedding ceremony.
  • RSVP deadline is essential part of wedding invitation but majority of people forget to include this in their wedding cards.

Wedding Invitation Template

Download some quality Wedding Invitation Template from the link below,

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